George A Romero's Dawn Of The Dead Wiki
Known aliases: None
Location: On The Road In Pennsylvania
Known relatives: The Motorcycle Raiders
Year of birth: 1957
Year of death: 1978
First appearance: Dawn Of The Dead 1978
Portrayed by: Taso N. Stavrakis


Sledge Is A Minor Character In Dawn of the Dead He is Also An  Antagonist of Dawn of the Dead And The Leader of The Motorcycle Raiders


Sledge is the one of the Motorcycle Raiders his gang of motorcyclists. have seen the helicopter during one of Francine's flying lessons, they  call up Stephen's CB radio. telling them there are only three survivors and that the want to join them in the mall. Then he sent the raiders to the mall led by Blades. And  break into and start looting the mall, which allows hundreds of zombies inside.  Stephen forces a gun battle with the Raiders During the gun battle he was dragged down and ripped apart by the undead. Soon he became "One of Them"