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Roger Di Marco.
Known aliases: Roger
Location: Pennsylvania
Known relatives: Unknown Sister
Year of birth: 1948
Year of death: 1978
First appearance: Dawn of the Dead 1978
Portrayed by: Scott H. Reiniger


Personal Stats[]

Height: 5' 7"

Age: 29

Occupation: Officer, Pittsburgh Police SWAT

Weapons of Choice:  Adler-Jager AP-74, FIE Titan Tiger .38 Special Revolver, Screwdriver & Marlin Model 983 Bolt Action Rifle


Roger was one of the survivors of the undead apocalypse who took refuge in a secluded shopping mall. Roger is known for his expert marksman skills within the Pittsburgh Police SWAT organization.  Roger was part of the unit whose veteran team member, "Willy" went crazy which led to his ultimate demise by another SWAT trooper (Peter).  Roger is resourceful, skilled and a good person to have around.  Roger is friends with Steven Andrews and has plans to leave with him by helicopter as quickly as possible to get out of  the city.  


Roger and Peter were part of a SWAT team who are sent to attack an apartment building where the tenants are not bringing out their dead. When Wooley, one of Peter's fellow SWAT troopers, goes berserk and starts gunning down both zombies  and innocent bystanders, a disgusted Roger and Peter go into the basement.Roger and Peter agree that the zombie apocalypse will only get worse, and decide to abandon the SWAT team and join Stephen and Francine. A priest then comes in and allows Roger and Peter to "do what they must." The two then kill all the zombies kept in the building's cellar.Roger and Peter meet up with Fran and Stephen at a deserted police station on the Delaware River in time to save the two from four rogue cops, and the four spend all night flying around in the helicopter. In the morning, they arrive at a secluded airport to refuel, and are attacked by zombies which Roger and Peter successfully kill.The group eventually reaches a secluded, zombie-infested shopping centre, where they land on the roof and break in through the skylight to rest and collect supplies. Peter and the group race around the mall, collecting supplies, which they take to a zombie-free upstairs area. When the group decides they need to clear the mall's zombie infestation, Roger and Peter go out into the zombie-infested parking lot and hotwire semi-trucks from a nearby warehouse. They use these trucks to block off the mall entrance, but while doing this, Roger becomes arrogant and reckless, and is bitten on the arm and leg.Stephen, Fran and Peter care for the ailing Roger. Roger makes a last request to Peter to kill him if he comes back, moments before he dies. Roger's corpse then reanimates and gets up, forcing Peter to kill him.