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F.I.E. Titan Tiger2.jpg
F.I.E. Titan Tiger Snub Nose
Gun type: Revolver
Caliber: 38 Special
Capacity: 6 round cylinder
Fire modes: Semi Auto Double Action
Used by: Roger DiMarco
Featured in: Dawn Of The Dead (Zombi 1978)

The FIE Titan Tiger 38 Special. Snubnose is a weapon featured in Dawn of the Dead 1978.

Appearance In The Film

The FIE Titan Tiger Snubnose is utilized by Roger when he is wounded by a zombie and uses it against the Undead.And Peter to shoot Roger in the head once he reanimated. It is very accurate but more portable then the other variant


Titan Tiger .38 Special Revolvers imported en masse from the 1950s on up to the present day. Corporate genealogy of the Importers were first Eig Cutlery, then F.I.E. / Firearms Import and Export Company, and then E.A.A., European American Armory. EAA, then, has a long and distinguished corporate history. Manufacturer of these good solid revolvers, or at least everything except their frames in some years, was Weirauch in Germany, fondly known to us as Arminius, progenitor of the HW-7, HW-38, and HW-357. Thisrevolver is made somewhat on the order of the High Standard and Dan Wesson Revolvers: steel parts encased in a two piece pot metal main frame and grip frame. Serial number range is 833,000, manufactured in 1975, because we received many of its siblings from FIE during that year. But the police force needed a more compact weapon with all the same abilities. So they made the FIE Titan Tiger .38 Special Snubnose
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