George A Romero's Dawn Of The Dead Wiki
Dr. Millard Rausch
Known aliases: Dr Or Scientist
Location: Pittsburgh News Station
Known relatives: Unknown Wife
Year of birth: 1938
Year of death: None
First appearance: Dawn of the Dead 1978
Portrayed by: Richard France


Dr. Millard Rausch is a central character in Dawn of the Dead he is a Scientist for the University of Florida studying the Undead


Dr Rausch was interviewed by Sidney Berman and he said how to kill zombies and how to survive and what to do. He seems to be an expert in a way. He works as a scientist in the University of Florida studying the Undead he was one of the people working for the Emergency Broadcast Station and WGON TV hired to give helpful information to help people to try and keep casualties to a minnimum. he is alive the news station is guarded by soldiers but this is unclear if he survived. Presumed alive.